12 Hocckmatcn Nieuwe Konftige TAFEL N, SinuumTangentium8c Sccantium oftevan de Raccklijncncn Snylijnen, Met de LOGARITHMIS der Hocckmatcn, cn Raccklijncn Als mede De LOGARITHMI paffende op de getallen van i tor ioooo. Wacr door alles alleenlijck met Additie en Subjlroflie lichtelijk kan uytgewerckt werden. Mrr JekfreoentPijfmgeom door deceive aBe Rfchttinifche en Clootfibe Driehoecken, met verfchejde Ajlronomifche vraeg-Jluckfn ofteloffen. t’Samengeftekdoor A. V L A C K. En vermeerdert Met een nieuw uy toerekende Tafel van de vergrooren- dc breedte, als mede de Tafel der Ktomftreeckcn. Door A. de G R a e r. t’A M STERDAM, By Hendrick Doncker, Bocck-verkooper en Grnet-booge- maker, in de Nicuwe-brug-fteeg, 1665. Title-page of A. V/acq's Nieuwe konstige tafe len, sinuum, tangenti- um, et secanticum vermeerdert door A. de Graef, Amster dam, Hendrick Don- cker, 1665. One of the I "small tables" (Gouda, i SAMH, Librije-coll. 508 L. D 28) Yet that does not trouble me, for I know that I have done a work most welcome to many learned mathematicians, and that those books will in a few years be held in great esteem, and that I shall receive some thanks from posterity, just as some erudite men have already made honorable mention of me in their books". This reveals a little more about Vlacq's character, but the prediction about his tables proved to be right! In the Hague, Vlacq has published between 1651 and 1667 a number of reprints of the tables from Arithmetica Logarithmica, Part II, but in a completely different form: the tables had been reduced to a j precision of 7 decimals and to the number range 1 to 10,000. The book containing these "small" tables, was now octavo-bound in a very portable format (some 11 by 17 cm, or even slightly smaller). This was the start of the long and successful series of the "Vlacq table" publications over the next 150 years.

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