;V S- 1 ZEE-VAERT. Table 2. “Small” Vlacq tables published between 1651 and 1667. 13 It is remarkable that between 1651 and 1667 some of the "small" Vlacq tables were printed by other printers, although Vlacq did have his own printing shop during this period, see table 2 of those copies that still exist in libraries. Titel-page of E. de Decker's Practyck van de Groote Zee-vaert, Gouda, Pieter Rammazeyn, 1631. (Gouda, SAMH, Librije-coii., 508 D 27) Language in French in Latin in Dutch in Dutch in Dutch in Dutch in Latin in French Printer chcz Adrian Vlacq apud PhilippVin de Croy by Pieter Goos by Pieter Goos by Adriaen Vlacq by Hendrick Doncker Ex Typographia Adriani Vlacqv chez Adrian Vlacq City The Hague Leiden Amsterdam Amsterdam The Hague Amsterdam The Hague The Hague Year TgöT 1651 1657 1658 1661 1665 1665 1666 V De Decker after 1628 After his involvements with logarithmic tables De Decker moved to Rotterdam in ppy* 1629, where he became involved in hW teaching sea navigation and in mediating Ji maritime conflicts [21], He published in h 1631 a commerce-oriented book on compound interest calculations [6b], and in 1632 a handbook for navigation at sea [6c]. Both these books he had printed by his old printer, Pieter Rammaseyn in Gouda. His second book, Practyck van de groote zeevaert, lacked any reference to the "Great Table" in either his own j Nieuwe Teikonst, Part II, or in Vlacq's Arithmetica Logarithmica, Part II; De s Decker probably avoided the sensitive issue by using the older "small" tables from his Nieuwe Teikonst, Part I. Around I 1640 De Decker moved to The Hague where he took on the profession of wine gauger, until his death in 1647. bdrp’ 'V '<V' J i J Jn - '■■•s' PRACTYCK Vande Groote befchreven door Ezcchicl<& Decker,Mfn-mf. axle Zoit-meeer, refiderende 1 Jy.'yT'i t»t Rotterdam. TER GO VDE i Pieter Rammazeyn, 16 J r, J5

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